‘Justin Bieber’ of the Flowers is stuck with the$ 10 mil, drugs, and firearms


A young man who had his identity has been revealed, and the more well-known as the ‘Justin Bieber’ he’s not teaching, he was arrested on the evening of Monday (13/04) after it was caught red-handed with a quantity of drugs, firearms and cash. In the prison, given by the officers of the KRONE (Rounds Ostensive in Nature, Especially).

According to the commander, the Baptist, the police received an anonymous report against the accused. “We received a complaint that it was a car model HB20 preto, in the attitude suspected to the nearest bank branch at the boulevard Jean-IT is taking a direction towards the Center of the city. We were able to track the car, do the intervention, and at the time of the approach is found in the interior of the car, a pistol, caliber 380 municiada, money, and drugs,” he said.

The defendant was found with approximately R$ 10 thousand, and drugs, and a pistol-caliber 380 municiada.

“The same one said, he is working as a driver for the application. And he said that much of the drug, gun, and money he was carrying, since he is the driver. But this research is going to tell you,” said the captain.