Khloé Kardashian might be back with Tristan Thompson


In 2019, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson staged one of the controversial romance of the year, as, after the unfaithfulness of the player of basketball, the socialite did everything possible to restart your life and forgive your former spouse and Jordyn Woods.

Since then, Khloé it has been assured that it would not with him, because you do not need a person as toxic as Tristan, but it seems that both have been seeing regularly. Are there possibilities of a reconciliation?

Khloé has told that keeps in contact with Tristan for the sake of his daughter True, a source close to the couple revealed to the portal HollywoodLife that both of them have been taking things very calmly, the communication between them begins to normalise, and this kind of friendship or truce is working.

The witness also said that there is a possibility that both want to try again, but he repeated that things are going at a snail’s pace. Really?????

The source said
Khloé you might consider that
Tristan has changed for the better after his infidelity and reconciliation would be given only in the case that both of them wanted to, apparently
Khloé it has not overcome the feelings that he had for his former spouse.

Khloé has this truce with him for the sake of True, but if your relationship continues in a positive way, perhaps he can return to his life.