Mandetta says jair bolsonaro has passed the guidelines on coronavirus in a good mood


In the light of the alignment, and the minister of state for Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, emphasized on Wednesday, the 8th, the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro is the master of the Country, and made signs for the union in the government. Mandetta, said that he had two meetings with jair bolsonaro in the course of the day and that the weather was “good”.

“The president has gone out of their guidance we had a very good meeting, a good atmosphere, everyone on the team is quiet, everyone is working,” he told the Mandetta, during a press conference at the presidential Palace.

The prime minister also paid tribute to the president of the Republic, who called him “partner”. He said that jair bolsonaro someone is “obstinate” and has “a very strong image in the united states.” “The us is taking steps in the direction of a very good on the part of the government,” he said.

As shown in the The Broadcast Of Politicalafter a conversation with jair bolsonaro, and Mandetta, with the expectation that the white house is that the minister of Health is aligned to the speech held by the president on the brand new coronavirus, and to keep the profile discreet.

The visibility of the minister of Health, during a crisis, you have to be bothered jair bolsonaro, who has threaten to take action against the members of the government, who “turned to the stars”.

Prior to the balance sheet, of the fourth over of the covid-19, the press service of the Highlands informed that they would not be allowed to ask questions. Mandetta, however, broke protocol and allowed them. The first question was precisely about the relationship with the president, after the recent disagreements.

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