Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves to give a total of 80-thousand-masks for health care professionals in the U.S.

In SÃO PAULO, SP, brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – actor Matthew McConaughey, 50, and his wife, brazilian model Camila Alves, who, at 38, have donated 80 billion tons for the first responders of the Fire departments in Texas and Louisiana. She also used her social media to encourage people to help others at this time of the years.
“Our mission is to help protect those who protect us,” said the brazilian, in his account in Instagram. “I would like to share that could inspire you for the help, also, ( … ), even if it is by helping his neighbor, by the people, and giving emotional support. Pick up a telephone helpline, and to help them.”
The Fire department of Austin, Texas, home state of Matthew McConaughey, he also used the social network to say thank you to the couple for their donations. The total number of people killed by the Covid-19 has gone from 270 to Texas on Sunday (12). There are already nearly 13.500 positive cases in the state.
The academy award-winning actor had already asked the students of the University of Texas at Austin, who stayed in the house last month, after dozens of them were positive for the new coronavirus after a holiday in Mexico.
There are many well-known have already been mobilized to help in the battle for the new coronavirus. The film’s north american host Oprah Winfrey, 66, by, for example, has contributed US$ 10 million (approximately R$ 52 million) for efforts to fight the disease, and to collaborate, including the fund, created by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively doram TO$ 1 million (approximately$ 4.95 million for two charities based in the United States and Canada, as Shawn Mendes, through his foundation, has donated us$175 billion (about$ 887 million) to a hospital in Canada.
In Brazil, the Show, and, by means of the company’s Espaçolaser, of which he is a member, has announced a grant in the amount of$ 1 million for the sistema único de Saúde (unified health system-SUS).
Already, Ivete Sangalo has donated 1,000 of the bunk Beds and 5,000 pieces of clothing for an unit of fighting the coronavirus, and the host in the population contaminated in Salvador, bahia, according to the Governor of the state of Bahia, Rui Costa.