Rolling Stone·, because Sophie Turner is hurt badly in X-Men: Phoenix-black / Black


The real Sophie Turner in X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black he suffered a serious accident during the shooting of the film. In one of the videos The Corridor Crewseries on the behind-the-scenes of stunt doubles, Jesse LaFlair the account details of the injury.

Without naming names, the stunt-said that the worker broke his leg while jumping on a roof and you fall, rolling in on a rehearsal for the camera. LaFlair he also said that there had been a mattress to cushion the fall, but the safety equipment was so close to the ground.

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For this reason, a stuntman broke his leg at the moment in which they fell. After being taken to the hospital, to the production, it quickly replaced the education and vocational training, other remember to end the recording of the movie.

LaFlair he also participated in the production of comic books as a stunt double for the The night and, rehearsing with his co-worker when the accident happened. The scene in question happens at the end of a long one, and when the X-Men, if you are going to prevent that Jean Greyto lose control over their powers, and The night the fight with the powerful mutant in front of her parents ‘ house.

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Watch the episode and with the participation of the Jesse LaFlair: