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During the past year, the storyline of your number Stranger things, provided for the production of television the Series with a o lanamento de a saga literria. The first book has Instead of the bad, Gwenda Bond tells the story of me in the Game (Millie Bobby Brown), John Ives (played in season two by Aimee Mul – lins), at the end of the 1960’s.

In the second book, City of darkness, came out this year. Written by neozelands, Adam, Christopher, unpacks the last of Jo’s (David Harbour). Everything is approximately you when, in December of 1984, the Game asks you for a police officer, is now a surrogate father to her, to share the details of a case. The object that contains the files of a crime that occurred in New York city – the mysterious case was investigated by the police at the time that the family lived in the Big Apple.
The novel has two timelines: in December 1984, when the dilogo between the Hopper and the Eleven and Then, the months the aps, the events of the second season of the number that occur on Halloween: and in may and July, 1977, in New York city, when Jo is faced with a mysterious crime and a serial killer. The process of de investigao, the focus of the book, which also deals with the experience of the Hopper in the war of Vieta, a theme that comes up in the Instead of the bad.
The novel has the air of a crime drama with a touch of the mistrio, so characteristic of the grade. Prior to taking on the project, Adam Christopher wrote another hit for the pop-culture: Star wars: clone wars. He was part of an anthology to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise.
The idea of the City in the darkness of the shaft of the own creators of the Stranger things on the go, Duffer. “They wanted to have a novel about the history of the Hopper, which occurred in the 1970’s in New York city. The only request was for him to investigate a serial killer. Other than that, I was free to create my own story. It was another to have so much freedom in it, because I love Jo and I’m a big f grade. J I was very interested in learning more about his past,” said Christopher.
One of the latest additions to the partnership of Jo: the detective Delgado, a single woman, of the Department of Homicdios in New York city, where the future of the sheriff’s working. The incorporao of the character-mantm to another characteristic of the show: the presence of the female characters are strong and empowered.

“It was important to have a diverse cast. What TV show does this well, there were reasons for that-the book is on the to do it. Have to have Jo’s as a police officer in New York city in 1977, has brought challenges, as it was at one time a very bad thing for the city. The society was very different from the polcia New York city was an alien environment,” says Christopher. “They have allowed the women well to join the s-team in 1977. It was the Delgado’s came in. The mid-year review of the Hopper with a Latin forte, leave it to the NYPC has allowed me to explore many of the questions and the prejudices of the time,” he says.

three questions for…



The one that inspired the City in the dark?

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the city of New York. I’ve used it as the setting of the previous books, but I always wanted to write a story based on the out-of-power-1977. When the project-Stranger things have arrived and I’ve been working with the time line of the Hopper, I realized that I could set the book during that period. With the rest of it as a key moment in the story, the design of the mistrio his back. The other part is important to the story, personal in the Hopper. Sabamos, that he was a veteran of Vietnam, and this was something that I wanted to bring it up.

There was also the issue concerns the bringing of elements from the host to the library?

It was very important for the story to be a part reconhecvel of the universe, the Stranger things. Fs readers and a tm with a certain degree of expectation, the responsibility of the writer to ensure that the be disappointed. One of the problems of telling a story with the Hopper in 1977, and the fact that he was in to find the strange and the supernatural at the show’s first season of the TV show, but this aspect of the book, in partnership with the Stranger’s things.

You have collaborated with another great fenmeno Star wars: clone wars. How was that experience?

Star wars will always be a lot of fun, it is a real honour to be able to make a contribution to this universe.



. Adam Christopher

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. 384 pages

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