The Black widow will surprise fans ‘ on new film, says the head of Marvel’s


Even though he died in the Avengers: Ultimate, Black Widow Scarlett Johansson will be back for one final adventure in his film, solo.

Of course, the enemy will fall before, the events of his death – more specifically, between the stories of the Civil War, and the War is Endless.

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In fact, it has happened at a time when the Avengers broke up that is a secret to the public, and will be dealt with in the film.

In a recent interview with the magazine Total Film, president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has reinforced this point, saying that the Black Widow will surprise you with the the fans.

“She has done a lot of things all the time – in the middle of the road when you see it in the movies, some of which will be surprising to people.

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Originally scheduled for the 30th of April, the Black Widow has been held to account for the coronavirus, and now it arrives in theaters in October of this year.