The eternal good guy in the world, Tony Ramos, amendment to the seventh for a villain that is followed; you know what is · the News on TV


In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Tony Ramos has been the face of TELEVISION in brazil. The actor was just as marked as the good guy, that his first major villain in the Jose Clementino, of the Tower of Babel (1998), and it has been rejected, it had to be “tempered”. In the last few years, however, the veteran has made just points. And it’s going to do it on the seventh, because he has just been cast in the soap opera that is John Emanuel Carneiro writes in the Globe to make his debut in 2021, then to A Place in the Sun, the substitute for the Love of a Mother.

Ramos, 71, is the third actor confirmed for the production, the name of the The news on the TV it reveals first-hand, Eye-for-an-Eye. He is a business owner’s “questionable, immoral, involved in the shenanigans, but it also preserves the company image of clean-living”. He plays for the Glory of the Saucer, and at Once Fr.

The new novel from the author of the Avenida brasil (Brazil avenue (2012) will also be a story of revenge, is a waiter who goes on a crime he didn’t commit, but his name is more of a “here it is, here you pay for!” this is revenge, in a specific way. The central plot involves the Glory of the Saucer, with the top bitter, and her relationship with her two daughters, one of them is blind, Leticia Colin, –the one her daughter has not yet been climbed.

The character of the Branches, it will be his seventh bad blood since 2012 when the actor starred in terry d II is the ramake of the War of the Sexes. In fact, his final form was the innocent Football of the Passione (2010), as Suz lived the laying-up of the press, Charlô (Irene Ravache), but with the mood he was serving as a shield for these evil deeds.

Of the six to the evil that is Tony Ramos, has given birth within the last ten years, the fact is that 50% of them don’t emplacaram. This is what I can say for the banana, Chief of The Seventh Guardian (until 2018), by the Portuguese and José Augusto, who has imprisoned his daughter in a convent, and in the Time of Love (2017), but if you have been redeemed, and the evil of Abel Zebu, one of the series Vade Retro (2017), it is not stuck, and it stopped in the first period.

Tony Ramos, also had a mayor is cheating on The Wife of the Mayor (2013) is a businessman, the corrupt and the criminal in The Rebu (2014), but the major villain of the decade, it was the same Joe, Mary, and the fake thugs of a faction of organized crime, in the name of The Game (in 2015), and João Emanuel Carneiro.