The family that re-creates the opening of The episode, with the theme of social isolation


The insulation that is causing an explosion of ideas from a creative leisure that the people have not seen for a time. Always too busy with the duties of everyday life, people don’t have time to be making movies, songs and thinking of new things to do…. Of course, the pandemic didn’t come to the well, but there are some who are taking advantage of the time of isolation.

It is in this time that the family of Sutherland is transformed into the Simpson family, with only one camera, the creativity, and some of the costumes for Halloween. As well as the opening of the animated series, is constantly changing in order to cater to a wide range of topics, with the family, she appeared in the frame following the sequence in the field of social distancing recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the description of the video, Joel A. Sutherland (the dad) commented on how they had the idea: “The children got bored with it after four weeks of social isolation. My wife and I cleaned up the basement, and we wondered what we should do with our old Halloween costumes from the Simpsons. One of these problems you have resolved the other one. The end result was this video.”

Posted on yesterday (08), the video has already received more than 30% of the page views. On the same day that they used a different set of costumes, this time from the Scooby-Doo, to make such a challenge, but the video doesn’t viralizou so much, even though it was cute to see the baby shed from Scooby-doo.

Source: Gizmodo

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