The Fox thought that it could be repeated with the franchise The Fantastic Four what I was getting with the The X-Men.. Because of this she produced very rapidly in this The Fantastic four and the Silver Surfer. Once again directed by Tim Story from a screenplay by Don Payne and Mark Frost, the team of heroes in the Baxter Building returns to battle Galactus, the almighty devourer of planets, and that he sent his herald to the Ground. The premise, as it turns out, it was amazing. After all, fans of the Comic would see it for the first time in the canvases of the greatest villains of the Marvel and on top of this, the lonely and the philosophical traveler who has crossed the universe of its board member. But the film has failed to fulfil its promise. This has frustrated the public, and, as a consequence, the results at the box office. And to throw the blame on the Surfer. It works just as well. The script is that it doesn’t help. Not to mention the disappointing appearance of the fantastic four. In the end, the team came to a halt, and with it, the design of the third film, as well as a land of the Silver Surfer. In here, we have one of the best tips from Stan Lee. It simply is hilarious.

The FANTASTIC four AND THE SILVER SURFER (4: Rise of the Silver Surfer USA, 2007). Director: Tim Story. Cast: Ioan gruffudd’s, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon, Kerry Washington, Andre Braugher, and Doug Jones. Duration: 92 min. Release: Fox.