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If you do not live in a dark cave, cut off from the world in the last few years, surely you have some idea of the size of the universe is the House of Paper. Originally created by Álex Pina, into the channel, the Spanish Antena 3, and later purchased by the Series, the series that shows a group of quirky, uk, to carry out an assault on the giant attracts more and more fans from all corners of the globe.

For more than a variety of factors may have played a significant role in contributing to the success of the series, which is now a rookie in his fourth season on the streaming service, and the charisma of the main cast is, without a doubt, a strong influence of the affection of the public. With this in mind, the AdoroCinema prepare a list of 10 fun facts about the cast, so that you can know the best ones not. Thank you!!


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One of the big darlings of the public, and the actress Alba Flores not only makes it a success in the The House of Paperbut also Vis-a-Vis, the other series are available on Netflix, which has been doing it for the joy of the marathon is on duty. At the age of 33, the young woman seems to have been born with art in his blood, as the daughter of an actress and a producer, and is also the daughter of the other two.


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In spite of the exposure of malvadão, we all know that a New one on the bottom is a flower of a person. He also follows the line that it is its interpreter, Darko Peric, who also has declared himself a fan of some of the things in brazil. In an interview with the musician, John the Fat, Peric had told you that when I was growing up in Yugoslavia, which had consumed several soap operas in Brazil, in addition to listening to various songs from the band’s Rat in the Basement.


And talking about Brazil, another fan stated, our land is the mysterious Teacher, Alvaro’s Death. In an interview with the AdoroCinemathe actor has told, that will write the episode, in Rio de Janeiro, it’s so strong that he would willingly lower himself to the cache, with the condition to come and shoot here. We are waiting for!


A poster from the House of the Paper to highlight the characters in the season 4 finale

As well as the characters, and the cast of The House of Paper it is quite the perfectionist. In the first scene of the series, for example, in Tokyo, is recruited by the Professor, it took five hours to record, and the very first version of this episode, won the 50-cuts of the different that worked the best. And the result of the people you already know!



If you have someone who has won the hearts of the viewers, it was the army’s Berlin, played by Peter Ferrari in the series. However, unlike his character, the star says being a man is sensitive, he has a passion for the arts and for his work. He even worked with Ursula Corbero, in Tokyo, in a series of Spanish before that.


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Regarded by many as the great muse of the series, and the Death is currently one of the most important in Spain, especially in the world of fashion, it has already engraved the marks of the make-up, and the lines of the brand name. Her style, in Her House made of Paper, in fact, that was inspired by the young character in the Natalie Portman in The Professional. It is not what it seems?


He will return in the 3rd part of the House in the Paper

Even though the Arthurito to be a source of anger for many viewers, the actor Enrique Arce is a much-loved-by-all their co-stars. What a lot of people don’t know is that prior to the The House of Paper he has been through tough times and almost had to give up her career. “It was dark, bleak, no money, no job, and full of doubts, frustrations, and fears”, she said on Instagram.


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For most, that sometimes it’s not apparent, He Herrán, in the face with the back of the River, is only 23 years old, and that is the most brand-new of the cast. This did not prevent its success, since the young man has won several awards for her role in the movie, The Change-of-Nothing-and received a good reception for the series, and the Elite, which also comes with a hit in the Series.


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One of the most engaging of the cast, the actress Itziar Ituño, which now appear to be in Lisbon during the last year. In social networks, she constantly talks about her fights for equality, inclusion, and has recently posted a fine art, speaking about the former councillor and Marielle Franco, a brazilian who was murdered in the year 2018.


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Even in football, they are present in the lives of the participants. The star, Jaime Lorente, the charismatic, Denver, colorado, declared that he was passionate fan of soccer, especially Real Madrid and the brazilian player Marcelo, who works there as well. Many people do not know, but his real passion is for the theatre! “If the theatre is not a mirror of the world, there will be nothing at all, except for a slight hobby of the forgotten”, she said on Instagram. Profound, wasn’t it?