The list of film Winners from the Oscar’s are available on Netflix


The Series
The Series

The quarantine may be the ideal time for you to attend all of the award-winning films that you’ve wanted to see for a long time, but never could fit it into their daily routine. For this reason, we have brought a list drawn up by film critic Jean Pedroso the one who writes for the website ReviewBox, some of the best Oscar-winning films are available on Netflix.

You need to run! (Jordan Peele) Best original screenplay (by 2018)

All the suspense is involved, and the kind of impressive, in the history of ever would be to “Run!” one of the best movie of the book in the Series. But in addition to that, it also shows the racism of the society in a way that is almost dystopian, and a nice fiction for the show’s themes as well.

Birdman (Alejandro González Iñárritu) – Best picture, Best original screenplay, Best director, and Best cinematography (2015)

In the film, premiadíssimo, it has a story that deals in a critical way the various points to be questioned in the entertainment industry in the us. The cast is full of stars: Edward Norton, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Stone, and Naomi Watts are some of the names on this production, which mixes in an amazing way, the drama and the comedy.

The Arrival (Denis Villeneuve) Best sound editing (2017)

“The Arrival” it was shown in the eight figures, but ended up with only the best of the best sound. However, this doesn’t take away the merits of the film, which broke new ground entirely, the stories of the foreigners, by focusing on the issue of language and communication, without giving up a plot full of mystery and unexpected twists and turns.

With The Arrival Of
With The Arrival Of

Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich) – Best animation (2011)

“Toy Story 3” was nominated for four categories in 2011, including best film. Ended up taking it as the best animated film, while maintaining the status of the Security at the time. This is the most exciting history of the toy, sentimental, and able to deal with people of all ages.

Taking the Taboo (Rayka Zehtabchi)– Best documentary short film (2019)

This is a short documentary that shows the various issues related to menstruation in India. On 26 minutes, the film manages to address all of the difficulties that women have to speak up on the subject, and the lack of knowledge that is prevalent in some communities in rural areas of the country, the size of the tabu, which is the period depicted in the region and, most importantly, in the process of re-signification by which one of the women that are going through the generating of knowledge, and the income from the production of a sorbent as well.

Spirited away (Hayao Miyazaki) – Best animated film (2003)

All of the films from the acclaimed Studio Ghibli have come recently to the book of the Series. At the same time, that all are loved by the public and critics, the only “spirited away” received an award in Japan. In the list, it looks like the best cartoons of all time, and to this day, it is the only film in the language is not English to win the Oscar in that category.