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The The president of the Republic announced on Friday it intends to renew the decree of a State of Emergency until at least 1 of the in may. During the communication with the country, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said that “we can’t play with the service, we can’t slow down, don’t we, at this pivotal moment, let your guard down”.

It must also be recalled that, with respect to the restrictions on the movement of the Portuguese people, since the 00 in the day before and up to 24 hours from Monday to Friday, to be confined to their district of residence, open exceptions for the sake of the health of workers. During this period, there are also restrictions placed on the flights and in airports on the national level.

Portugal had, on Friday, 15.472 infected the new coronaviruses (more of 1.516, which on the previous day), and a total of 435 deaths (28 deaths), according to the balance sheet, of the The direction ofThe general’s Health. The number of cases retrieved was in 233.

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23h58 – Josephina Marquezano Hamuchan old lady of 103 years, who had suffered from the Spanish influenza and beyond, has now decided to help in the fight against the Covid-19 producing the masks protection single: ‘it’s like the same thing, to many people’s lives, for people without a lot of guidance. When I was sick, about a year old, they told my parents that I was not going to survive. But I’m here now.”

23h43 – The International Monetary Fund has approved a loan of more than 685 million euros to Tunisia in order to support the economy in the face of the the pandemic the Covid-19. The loan will be in the form of a financial Instrument for the Fast and the The IMF you should also be reimbursed to a maximum of five years.

23h29 – The hospitals of the National Health Service they will receive until the day of 19, more than 300 fans to a “meet the new coronavirusesrevealed today by the Ministry of Health. At the top of the table is the distribution of the 20-million-of-equipment-of – protection the individual the establishment of the other five millions to the areas the government, Social Security, Defense, and Justice.

23h11 – Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to the use of social networks in order to send a message to his fans, at the very time that the world has witnessed the spread of the new coronaviruses“In this difficult time for our planet, it is important for us to be united and support each other. Let’s all do what we can to help them.”

23h06 – Portugal has already carried out 15.113 test for the diagnosis of Covid-19. Of these, 17.083 (11.3 per cent), according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health.

23: 00 – Sandra Bullock is in addition to the many celebrities who have given their contribution to help in the fight against the the pandemic the Covid-19. The actress it announced, via social networks, which has given six masks, for health professionals who are on the front line in the fight against the coronaviruses.

22h45 – China and Venezuela are going to extend co-operation to prevent the the pandemic the CovidDown 19 after a discussion between the presidents of the two countries, which has been criticised by the head of State of the The U.S.Donald Trump’s.

22h38 – Nearly 400 professionals working in the arts, especially the visual arts, including designers, critics, curators, producers and cultural managers, have sent a letter to the minister of Culture, asking for a meeting “urgent” on the the current the crisis in the the industrythat has been brought about by the the pandemic the Covid-19.

22h02 – Pope Francis celebrated today Christ’s Passion in St. Peter’s Basilica, at the Vatican, the homilíaled by the priest From the Endto be selected for the the pandemic the disease Covid-19: “The the pandemic the coronaviruses it aroused himself, suddenly, to an even greater danger that has always existed in Humanity, which is The delusion of the omnipotence”.

22h01 – The balance sheet is carried out by the AFP points out that more than 300 thousand persons who have been deemed cured, the Covid-19. The total number of confirmed cases is, at this point, 1.664.110, and the dead 100.859.

22: 00 – Experts caution that allergies can be affect in the respiratory system, and to makeit’s more fragile, making easier the spread the new coronaviruses or worsening of the symptoms, such as: “Anything that we can do to reduce the mucus and inflammation, it will help the body to cope with other events, such as a viral illness, which also create inflammation’.

21h40 – In 62 patients and staff of the Centre for the Support and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities Touguinhain california, tested positive for the Covid-19. According to the institute, have been “stepped up contingency measures, and has already been restricted and is limited to areas for the separation of the users and the positive and negative”.

21: 30 – The the pandemic the coronaviruses not to deter social unrest in Venezuela, a country that is in quarantine, preventive from in marchmonth, in which he carried out at 580 events.

21h08 – Germany, spain, France and Italy have joined together today to a petition from more than 10 countries of the European Union, including the Uk, to the economic recovery, once you got over the the pandemic the CovidDown 19, to proceed under a “covenant of the green”. The document argues that “the crisis in the current “without precedent,” it must be dealt with “not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”

21h01 – I need to read it to the dog, in full, to fool the police, but that didn’t work, and it was fine. The episode took place in Italy, where a man has tried to make people believe the authorities that he had left the house to go on with the rest of the hospital.

21: 00 – The associations are asking the people to sing it in the window 25 of the April. For 46 years, Portugal celebrates the carnation revolution. This year, there will be a the pandemic the Covid-19 it will not prevent the celebration to take place.

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