The Pope, it is said that in times of difficulty, we can all be united in overcoming the divisions,


At Mass in the Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday morning (14/04), san Francisco, asked for God’s grace to make us to overcome the divisions in this difficult time. In his homily, he pointed out that the to is to go back to being the faithful, is a human attitude that is not so common in our lives: fidelity, in good times and in bad times, be faithful to God and with one another


The Pope presided at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday morning (14/04) the Octave of the feast of the Passover. In the introduction, Francis prayed for the unity:

Let us pray that the Lord will grant us the grace of unity among us. What are the difficulties of the time to find a communion between us, the unity that is always greater than the whole of the division.

In his homily, Francis commented on the first reading of a passage taken from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2,36-41), in which Peter announced openly to the jews, that God has constituted Lord and Christ-that Jesus, who they crucified him: in the face of these words, many of them find it to penetrate to the heart, and become converted. It was stated, is to be faithful, and the attitude of a man that is not so common in our lives: faithfulness in the good times and the bad times. Loyalty is also in doubt. Our security guards are not the ones that the Lord has given us, for our security, are the idols, and cause us to be unfaithful. In our lives and in the history of the Church is filled with god. The Pope ended his homily with the Gospel of the day (Jn 20,11-18), in which the resurrected Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, weeping near the sepulcher. A woman, weak, but faithful, faithful, you also in front of the tomb, and in the face of defeat, of life, of love, and it became the “apostle to the apostles”. Let us pray to God, it is concluded that to retain the loyalty program. The following is the text of the homily taken by the holy see (Vatican city) News:

The preaching of Peter on the day of Pentecost, it goes beyond the heart of the people, “the One you crucified, he is risen.” “When they heard this, they were left with a heavy heart, and said to Peter and the other apostles, ‘Brothers, what shall we do?’” And the apostle Peter is clear: “Turn away from your sins. Turn away from your sins. Change their way of life. You have received the promise of God, and to you, that you distanciastes of the Law of God, and so many other things on your own, in the midst of the idols of so many things… turn away from your sins. Look for the truth”. To convert is this: to go back to being faithful. Loyalty, is the one human attitude that is not so common in the lives of the people in our lives. There are always illusions that it will attract attention and a lot of the times we want to go back to those conditions. Loyalty, in good times and in bad times. It has a passage from the Second Book of the Chronicles, which impresses me a lot. In chapter XII, in the very beginning. “When the kingdom was consolidated, ” he said to the king, Rehoboam, was reassured, and moved away from the law of the Lord, and all Israel followed him”. As it says in the Bible. It is a historical fact, but it is a fact that is universal. Many times, when we feel safe we start to do our projects in, and slowly we have turned aside from the Lord, and does not abide in the truth. My security is not the security that the Lord gives me. This is one of his idols. This is what happened to Rehoboam, and to the people of Israel. She felt safe and secure the to the consolidated, from the law and began to worship idols. Yes, you can say, “Father, I will not kneel before the idols. No, you don’t get down on your knees, but that look time and time again in your heart, you worship idols, it is true. Many, many times. The security in and of itself opens the door to the gods.

But the security in and of itself is a bad thing? No, it is a blessing. Be safe, but also that the Lord is on my side. But when we got to security, I place it in the center, I distance myself from the Lord, and the king, Rehoboam, and I become unfaithful to him. It is very difficult to keep to the truth. Throughout the history of Israel, and then the whole of the history of the Church, and is filled with infidelity. Full. Full of selfishness, and of the securities themselves, which they do so is that the people of God to be distant from the Lord, you lose that loyalty, grace and truth. And, also, between us, between people, loyalty is not a virtue, is so vague, of course. I am not loyal to each other, to each other… “Turn ye, turn ye to your lord for the faithfulness of the Lord.”

And in the Gospel, the icon of fidelity to one woman, faithful to that which I had forgotten about all of the things that the Lord had done for her. It was there, in the face of the impossible, in the face of tragedy, and a loyalty that it takes to even think about being able to load the body. A woman is weak, but is faithful to it. The icon of the loyalty of this Mary of Magdala, apostle to the apostles.

Let us pray today to the Lord, for the grace of faithfulness, to thank him when He provides us with security, but I think that they are my bodyguards, as always, to look beyond one’s own security; for the grace to be faithful in the presence of the dead, in the face of the collapse of many illusions. The truth, it always stays there, but it’s not easy to keep it going. What is He, the Lord, and to keep it.

The Holy Father ended with the celebration of the sacrament in the adoration, and the blessing of the eucharist, by inviting us to make a spiritual Communion. The following is the prayer recited by the Pope:

All the way to your feet, o my Jesus, I prostrate, and to you I will offer you is the regret of my heart that you immerse yourself in its nothing in Your holy presence. I love the priest in the Sacrament of thy love, the ineffable Eucharist. I desire to receive you into the poor dwelling that my heart offers you. Waiting for the happiness of sacramental communion, I wish to have you in the Spirit. “Come to me, o my Jesus, I come to you…. Your love can ignite the whole of my being, life, and death. I believe in you, hope in you. I love you all. The way it is.

Before leaving the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Ghost was chanted, the antiphon marian The “Regina caeli”sung in the easter season:

The queen of heaven, rejoice. Hallelujah!

Because That’s what merecestes bring to your company. Hallelujah!

He is risen, as he said it. Hallelujah!

Pray for us to God. Hallelujah!

D./ rejoice and Be glad, o Virgin Mary. Hallelujah!

C. the Lord is risen, truly. Hallelujah!

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Mass with Pope Francis in the Casa Santa Marta – 14.04.2020