The Sandman Series from Netflix, you can develop minor characters from the Comics


There is not much to speak of the adaptation of history The Sandmanone of the comic’s most worshiped and iconic of all time. However, it is for the versionwhether by the narrative structure of the comic book, the adaptation process has been dragging on, and is now in the hands of the Series, which will make it a series the live-action movie.

Neil Gaiman, creator of the comic book, as a writer and executive producer on the project, and the fans are feeling a little more secure, especially after some of the statements made by him or her in Twitter in 2019, when he said he would try to make the adjustment, “as personal and real as the best of the comic book the Sandman seemed to be,” with the distinction of being set in the present day.

At the same time, from the point of view stated that it does not try to cover too many events in too little time. In the beginning, the first season has 11 episodes, which tell the story of the Sandman in the An extra Night and (and maybe a little more).

On the face of it, the Illuminerdi listed a few points that should be at the center of the adaptation, especially based on what we know so far about the character that is supposed to appear in the series. As reported by the channel, as the CBR in the month of February this year, the list of characters leaked, revealing some of the details of the production.

From left to right: Roderick Burgess, Alex Burgess and Ethel

The first prediction relates to the character of Roderick Burgess, is very important in order to tell of the capture of Morpheus (or the Sandman, or Dream, they end up trapped in the place of her sister in a ritual that doesn’t work, and it defeats the purpose of a Burgess to become immortal. The character is portrayed by an actor in a guest, and it is believed that their appearance does not and will not carry on the season as a whole.

When Roderick dies, who takes over as caretaker of the Morpheus is his son, Alex Burgess, that is, to pursue the Dream of immortality, ends up accidentally freeing Morpheus, who, in retaliation for the arrest on the eternal cycle of the spirit. This relationship, of the family of Burgess, with Morpheus, it happens very quickly in the comic books, but you can gain a greater, or different in number, because of the form of the characters in punch-through indicates that Alex, more sympathetic, and not in conflict with the best interests of your family. In addition, in order to give more depth to the character, their sexuality may be explored, in order to be one of the things that Alex left with you, and the fact that these events take place decades before the main events of the arc, and the writers will be able to take into account the idea that the time is here for this part of the story does not have a social configuration that is safe for Alex to take over his / her sexuality.

The Corinthian (Picture: Vertigo)

The other two major characters, who have little or no development in the comics, and they are likely to be the most well done in the series are the nightmare, the Corinthian, and Ethel, both of them with the appearances laid down for the various events. As the Corinthian, a nightmare created by Morpheus, he has no reason to require a history that will add depth, Ethel, is a human being with a very important role to play with respect to at least one of the three main tools in Morpheus: the pocket for the helmet, and a ruby.

Ethel was a lover of Roderick at the time of the capture of Morpheus, but she ended up leaving him and going away, he took with him to the ruby. When Morpheus, and then set free, the part for the tool, he finds out that Ethel has left the magic stone to his son, who is none other than John Dee, the Doctor Fate of DC Comics (yes, the Sandman is an retcon of the character).

In terms of the logic of the speculations of the The Illuminerdi they make a lot of sense, especially if we consider that the adjustments may not be absolutely true, because they are a different art. The narrative structure, brilliant The Sandman certainly, you will suffer losses during the transition of the artistic languages, and, not to be in the series to take a stance more as an author, we’ll see something in a more linear fashion, with Morpheus, guiding you to the main story, and some of the other characters (not all of them) will be on your way.

Source: The Illuminerdi, CBR