The short of The episode “Playdate With Destiny” is being released on the Disney -+


Released in theaters along with the The Two Brothers, It’s A Fantastic Journeythe short The Simpsons, called “Playdate With Destiny” it was made available on the Dinsey+.

By means of its Instagram the official platform of the streaming had a message signed by a – Matt Groeningthe creator of the family, in yellow, on the side of the producers Al Jean, Jim Brooks, Matt Selman and David Silverman and – “many of the animators who have worked hard to”. According to the letter, the team has decided to release the film due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the animation had upon its release – check it out below:

In the history of …Playdate With Destiny” the baby, She is rescued by a small River, in a playground, and ends up falling in love.

On the 19th of April, it will be shown in the United States, an episode of the The Simpsons it will continue the story of the short film.

In Brazil, The The Simpsons it is transmitted by the cable tv Foxthat currently shows for the 30th season on the TV, and also streaming, The Fox App.