The singer announces it’s Live, and it promises to shake up the fans with a greatest hits of historical


In the midst of a pandemic of the coronavirusesthe arts have proven to be integral part of the people who have taken on the measures are related to social isolation, one of the main ways to stop the spread of the disease, which has now reached close to 2 million people in the world. Most recently, Linda Also did a Live, historic, and created quite a stir in the social media with many responses to a 3-hour presentation directly to your home. Now Report by the open society it also promises to stir up the audience with the sound of greatest hits-long-Live-announced the next day on the 22nd of April, on its official channel on YouTube.

The news was shared by the singer on Monday (the 13th) and it was enough to freak out the followers, it didn’t take long to throw out the first reactions on the social networks, as leaving behind a list of requests to the principal, stating that the anxiety to perform.

In addition to the success of the board in the late Banda Calypso Joelma is also featured on the humorous side of the web, thanks to a meme in that it appears that there is a duality of expression that is used to form these different types of posts, with regard to just about any kind of subject matter, and that was to be played by Kristen Bell, most recently in the program of Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, she couldn’t help but take advantage of the meme-spread the Live. Check it out:

Report by the open society began a solo career in rio in 2016, after the completion of the work, with the Black, and on the 18th of march of that year, it was the beginning of the tour, “let’s go,” which won him an Award Multishow for Brazilian Music in the category of “best in show”.

Live report by the open society at Home.”

Date: April 22 (wed-fri)

Time: 20 hours


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