The star of Marvel’s shows in the quarantine from the point of view of a dog


For people to remain at home due to the threat posed by the new coronavirus, and because of this, many celebrities have been more active than ever on social media.

Since the isolation has begun, the star of the MCU, Chris Evans, has posted an update to the staff, and brought it to the Internet for a little bit more of the joy of sharing a picture of your mate, quarantined, her dog Dodger.

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The Internet clearly loves the Dodger, and then the fans were especially thrilled when the magic of Marvel comics has been on Twitter to share an update from the quarantine from the perspective of adorable dogs.

“I’ve watched you sleeping for the last hour trying to collect my thoughts. I’m not sure how to say this, so I’m going to get the hell out. Why the hell do you never go to the park for the dogs? You can wake up, I’m dying of hunger”, wrote Evans as a Dodger.

In a short time, the post has received more than 210, a thousand liked on the social network. You can check out a picture of Dodger provided below, at the end of the story.

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