The turf of the Summit in the Event that you are going to bring in the Wolf-of-Wall-Street-for-the-Brazil is pushed back to the end of September


Has already become a tradition: in the winter, from rio grande do sul are some of the most creative minds in the Country heats up for the biggest opportunities in Latin America. It is the The Turf Of The Summitone , whose fourth edition was scheduled for the period from the 5th to the 7th of August in Gramado, rio grande do sul). Due to the health pandemic on the coronavirus, the organization has chosen to move it to the 30th of September to 2nd of October.

In addition to gather hundreds of start-ups and bring them to the stage of the Expogramado references in the advertising market, influencers, and entrepreneurs on the issue of the year 2020 has as its star and the ex-Stock broker from New York city to Jordan Belfort, the man who inspired the film The Wolf of Wall Streetwith Leonardo DiCaprio.

17 years ago, the Belfort (belfry), was arrested on a charge of fraud in the us stock market. After spending 4 years in jail, he wrote a book about his experiences, which were based on the movie by Martin Scorsese. His speech to the audience of the Turf cover in both sales techniques and lessons from his controversial career.

In addition to France, the other stars of the event are as follows: a founding member of the Network of Women’s Entrepreneurship, Anne Fontes, the chief executive officer of the Reservation, Rony Meisler, the author and member of the StartSe Man Benvenutti.

How is the coronavirus that is shaking the economy around the world, many industries are going through a time of transformation in the dramatic. The CEO of the Grassy Summit, David Rossi, explains that there is a disruption of complete on the market. ”[A pandemia] he did all the business models have to be rethought in a very fast way to stay in business,” he says.

The digitisation of services and the emphasis on the human factor seems to be the two major lessons from this period of turmoil, ” says Rossi. For this reason, a new way to look at the business in the future, in the face of the uncertainties of the present, and it will be dealt with even more prominently in the planning of the Turf of the Summit to the year 2020.

Live streaming of the main stage of the event and will also be accessible to those who are unable to go in person to the conference, but he bought a passport. The ticket costs start at$ 490. More information can be found at on the Lawn of the Summit.