‘The white Lie’ Film starring Emma Stone, is going to win movie of the derivative


Nearly a decade after the release of the ‘The Lie’production Screen Gems he gave us the green light to the first a spin-off to be directed and written by The Royal. The information of the And.

According to inside sources, the new film is currently in the early stages of development. Therefore, it is not known who will be starring in the film, and even when the work will come to the theaters.

‘The Lie’ it was released in 2010 and directed by Will Gluck. The comedy, the teen turned around to a young studentEmma Stone), which has begun to spread rumours at your school to increase their status themselves, but also learned that every action has a consequence. The plot is based loosely on the ‘The Lyrics Were’ and it has become a huge success at the box office, grossing Us $ 75 million the around-the-world-and-winning About 85% of the approval in an reviews Rotten Tomatoes.

The a spin-off it will be set to the same school that the film’s original and you will explore the same themes. It remains to be seen whether the Stone will come back as the main character is Olive Penderghast, or at least make an appearance.

The Royal has signed on to the script of the film, and it is also well-known for his work on the show ‘Recovery Road’the Original.

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