The world in a Positive ‘ top 5 gigs of the rock to enjoy the online vault


5 shows the rock to be like for the vault - 1

The artistic environment is changing, as the social isolation caused by a pandemic of a new coronavirus. Singers and bands from all over the world are making to the lives and to raise funds to help in the fight against the COVID-19, and, at the same time, entertain the fans, while they may not attend tours.

The best thing about it is that, after the transfer, and the singers make the presentations available to those who have lost it on the day, which can make our enforced stay in the house even more fun. The Band, the first rock band to adopt such a strategy, the pandemic was already doing this with the separated tracks on his previous tours, always emphasizing one or the other of the music of the performance.

With this in mind, and ride with the kings of the genre, we classify five rock concerts the official it can also be followed on a variety of platforms for video and music streaming.

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5. The Pretenders

The band is an anglo-american, The Pretenders are still active, and it is the head of the great classics such as Don’t Get me Wrong, “Brass in Pocket and The Wait. For anyone who is already a fan for a long time, or even want to learn about the work of Chrissie Hynde and company, as there is a show with a very cool band, is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The The Pretenders With Friends it brings the band playing the greatest hits, and with the participation of the artists and bands who are invited, such as Iggy Pop, Kings of Leon, Shirley Manson (Garbage), and Incubus.

The show is an exclusive for subscribers to the Amazon Prime Video.

4. Radiohead

The new england Radiohead they will do pretty much the same thing, that the world magnetic Tour. The difference, however, is that the band is alternative rock, you will choose shows, are considered to be rare, and is iconic to the fans.

Every Thursday night the band will give a presentation on their YouTube channel. The maiden was in a concert held in the year 2000 at Dublin, Ireland, so called from the Live From The Stadium In Dublin. The show was broadcast live on the channel of the band, and now it’s available for other people to be able to are able to assist you.

3. Guns’n Roses

The Guns”s on the billboard charts I would make a presentation at the lollapolooza festival in 2020, but in the event that, as we all know, it ended up being postponed to December of this year. In spite of this, the band is an american hard rock band has confirmed their coming to the new dates of the festival and it’s going to get an audience with classics such as Sweet Child O ‘ Mine, November Rain, Paradise City, Patience, among other things.

But, as long as that doesn’t happen, it’s worth a re-visit for a great introduction to the band, Axl Rose, was held at the O2 Arena, in London, england, in October of 2017 at the earliest. The presentation is available on-Demand.

2. Alice Cooper

With 26 studio albums and over 50 million albums sold, is Vincent Damon Furnier, better known as the Alice Cooperit is, without a doubt, one of the biggest icons in the rock-hard all the time. His unique style of music and with lyrics dark and the melodies that are memorable in addition to his charisma, and become the go-to musician huge success in the late 1970’s.

A very nice Cooper’s, which can be viewed in its entirety on the channel Moshcam from YouTube, it was recorded in Sydney, Australia, in 2011. The show was a unique singer, with a lot of pyrotechnics and the atmosphere, dark and bloody. Such as School ‘ s Out, Electedand Billion Dollar Babies these are some of the songs most memorable from this show.

1. The metal

One of the greatest metal bands of all time, it has also adopted a style very modern a few years ago, to spread their tours throughout the world. All of the performances of the Band are engraved with a high-quality, and then edited it as if it were a DVD and a tape, and after that, he published the songs on their official channels, not only to promote their current jobs, but also to please the fans.

In the midst of the crisis of the new coronavirus, the band has had several concerts cancelled (including in Brazil) and this will, of course, has left lots of people pissed off, to say the least. In order to compensate for this absence, and also to try to assist the United States in the war against the COVID-19, but James Hetfield and company have created a “Metal Mondays” and you are going to post the shows from different periods of time, on the whole, the whole of Monday night.

However, if you don’t want to get stuck in to these presentations, you can check out the different music from several previous tours in the channel of the band on YouTube.

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