To see the eight films, with a message of hope for hard times


Social isolation, for the sake of the coronavirus continues, in my heart, even as the pandemic progresses, both in Brazil and in the world, it may be more difficult to maintain, with the hope of better days to come. With this in mind, GaúchaZH have selected eight of the movies available for streaming that it brings a positive message in the midst of difficult times. Check it out below.

The pursuit of Happiness, Netflix, and Globoplay)

The Pursuit of Happyness), Drama-free. By Gabriele Muccino. Usa, 2006, 117 min.)
A film by Gabriele Muccino, is inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith. The production follows the journey of Chris, it is always in the hand of a small child in order to give back to it after you lose your job, your savings and even your home.

Forrest Gump (Sign-and-Globoplay)

The comedy-drama 14-year-old. By Robert Zemeckis. Usa, 1994, 142 min.)
Long, Robert Zemeckis, winner of the academy award for best picture, director, and actor for Tom Hanks. The story follows a 40-year-old history of the United States through the eyes of a man who, even with a below average IQ, just hanging out with great people and taking part in episodes of striking. The hero of the war, of course, and the prophet, and he is not that smart, but it takes on a life of brilliant.

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Genie Wild (Series)

(Good Will Hunting) Pressure to 14 years of age. By Gus Van Sant. The United states, 1997, 126 min.)
A film by Gus Van Sant, Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck. In the story, Will is a mathematical genius who works by cleaning up the floor of one of the largest universities in the United States, until it was discovered by a teacher who believed in her potential. He is a young man of a problem, however, is a psychoanalyst, it needs to go beyond the mundane, to reclaim their social skills.

View Details / Agencia RBSRobin Williams and Matt Damon in the long-1997View Details / Agencia RBS

The Untouchables (Now Online)

(Intouchables) Comedy, drama 14-year-old. By Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. France, 2011, 113 min.)
Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano are adapted to the true story of Phillippe Pozzo di Borgo, a millionaire quadriplegic who has created a strong bond of friendship with your nurse, the algerian who was his right arm, Abdel Sellou. In the film, Phillippe is played by François Cluzet. But Abdel has earned the name of Driss (lived in by Omar, and Sys) and the other a former French colony in Africa, the west african nation.

California's Film And PublicationFrançois Cluzet and Omar Sy, portraying the friendship is unlikely in the movieCalifornia’s Film And Publication

The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain (Amazon Prime Video)

Le fabuleux destin d ‘ Amélie Poulain) romantic Comedy, 14-year-old. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. France, 2001, 129 min.)
And with thirteen nominations at the CÉSAR and the five at the Oscars, the romantic comedy, in French) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet has also been a hit with the general public. In shades of red, yellow, and green, the film delves into the quirky universe of Amélie (Audrey Tautou), a young innocent, seeking to transform the reality through small acts of love.

View Details / View DescriptionAudrey Tautou as Amélie PoulainView Details / View Description

On the bright Side of Life ” (Amazon Prime Video)

(Silver Linings Playbook) Comedy-drama, 12 years of age. With David O. Russell. Usa, 2012, 122 min.)
Bradley Cooper gives the life of Pat Solitano, Jr. that is, after a nervous breakdown, she decides to start her life as a better man. In their plan, the big goal is to win back his ex-wife. Prior to finding it anew, however, the emotionally unstable, Tiffany crosses his path, as performed by Jennifer Lawrence — who won an Oscar for Best Actress for the role. The director, David O. Russell, starring Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver.

Paris, Films And DisclosureJennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper) make up the main couple in the comedy, dramaParis, Films And Disclosure

A Dream of Freedom (HBO Go)

(The Shawshank Redemption), Drama, 16 years old. Hi Everyone, All. Usa, 1994, 142 min.)
The movie with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, is inspired by the book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption.from Stephen King. . The story of a banker (Tim Robbins) convicted-unjustly, for the murder of his wife and her lover. After a number of years in jail, he will get used to the life at prison, and you have friends inside the prison.

Disclosure / View DescriptionMorgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in the film inspired by the book by Stephen KingDisclosure / View Description

A Dream come true (and HBO Go)

On The other Side of) the Drama, 10 years ago. Is John Lee Hancock. The United states, 2010, 128 min.)
Film de John Lee Hancock. No roof, no family, and no prospects, the young Michael (Quinton Aaron) is on the verge of collapse, when it is housed by a woman (Sandra Bullock) and her new husband. With the help of a football coach, the school, and to her new family, the young man has a chance to change their future through sports.

Non-Disclosure OfSandra Bullock, in A “Dream come true”Non-Disclosure Of