Ultimate showing of Captain America doing it in the Client


Almost a year after the release of the Avengers: Deadline continues to be popular.

In the film, Marvel’s spawned thousands of memes, and, more recently, some of the clips from the film have begun to make your promo go viral.

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The film includes a moment of awesome after another, and one of the best was when Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) wielded the Gems of the Infinite, to rid the world of Thanos (Josh Brolin), and his huge arm.

Now, it’s an amazing art, a fan circulated on the internet, I think the ‘Captain America’ for Chris Evans ‘ role in the situation, and it is also an emotional one. You can take a look down below, at the end of the story.

It is, of course, that there was a time when the fans thought that Captain America would die in the battle against Thanos, but according to the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige, on the death of the “Iron Man” has always been planned. The producer has revealed that his decision to kill Tony Stark, was something that the team at Marvel had been discussing it since at least the year 2015.

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“I remember saying that Robert Downey, Jr. most likely in 2015,” he said.

“I’ve given him the idea of the end of the two pieces for the Avengers, and Spider-Man goes Back to the Home, and that was part of what led to it. It took me a while, but it ended up coming out. I thought in the beginning that it wouldn’t happen. It did not seem real that this journey was coming to an end. But in the course of the sessions, it really has been an emotional time for all of us and especially for him.”

The avengers: Deadline is now available on DVD and Blu-ray disc players.