Warner bros. might produce a movie of the Flash, Ezra Miller, says the site


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In the film land of the Flashyet it is at the level of Warner bros.but for a long time, which goes by a variety of problems. The project has now changed into a director and a writer over and over, and as if that wasn’t enough, it also faces a new and unexpected obstacle: the main character, Ezra Miller Is.

A couple of weeks ago, the actor was seen beating a fan in the middle of the street, clutching his neck and tossing it on the floor. Nor will the representatives of the player and not the Warner Bros. they gave no official statement after the incident, which would indicate that the plans for the movie Flash do not have any problems, but it may not be the case.

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According to an article on the web site Especially The Wirethe studio apartment was to be ready to carry on with the project of the film to the ground of the Flash so that it is possible, with, or without, Ezra Miller is involved with. That is, the residence of the actor in the role, is on the point of collapse.

The article also mentions that the script for the current film wraps, the open the scarlet “going back in time to save his mother from the reforjando to the timeline established in the process.”and that’s just Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot they would remain in their roles after the hero of “reset” things, and correcting some of the errors in the construction of the Universe is Extended in the DC universe.

In the series of Robert Pattinson also, it would be built-in to the line from time to time. In addition to this, the The Flash-Reverse the The master of Mirrors” would be the main villains of the film.

For the moment there is no official confirmation on this, and all of this information should be regarded only as a rumor.

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