Young Thug responds to the challenge for a boxing match with the rapper’s Sauce Walka


Sauce Walka, and challenged the Young Thug to a boxing match, but the Thug has a better idea.

The boredom of quarantine, it affects all of us in different ways. For Sauce Walka, apparently, it means trying to do a battle of the celebrities??? The rapper has shared a video yesterday on her Instagram, declaring their intent to fight any celebrity in the ‘real’ you would agree with that, as long as it showed the various piles of money. Among the celebrities who have he called that is Young Thug.

Thug and Sauce Walka, have a history of bitter rivalry, mainly consisting of a Sauce Walka-provoking Thug in the way that you can. In the past year, Willow has provoked a Thug for his technique in boxing, or the lack of it. Even so, when the Thug saw the Sauce, and 2 Chainz is apparently your relationship is in good standing, he gave his approval.

Now, the latest iteration of its beef comes in the form of these jabs to the Instagram. In the video, Willow proclaims, “I’m going to hit Logan Paul, Jake Paul, or any of the song, which is a bit of a celebrity for real, that you want to fight me,” a Thug came up in the comments section.

In spite of the Sauce to try and show off the piles of money that he has in his hands, the Thug, in truth, scorn,of the rapper in his comments. “You need to put this money on your friends, to build her music label. I’m sure they got shit for it, you put the brothers to work together well. it is a leader’s little brother… and I don’t want to fight with you…. In fact, I’ve spent that money just on the market this month,” he writes, confirming the fact that you don’t want anything to do with him, and asking him or her to use all of that money in the right way.

Thug, simultaneously, put Sauce Walka in his place, while it comes out from the top and holds it all in one comment is an achievement. Take a look at the comment of a Thug, and in the post early video from Sauce Walka below.

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