Zé Neto e Cristiano advocate for the lives of the hinterland, with a team of high performance, and are critical of newspapers, the


During the time of the quarantine, a measure designed to prevent the coronavirus, and the “lives” are on the way in which the singers are trying to keep the connection with the audience, even without the music. In this regard, Linda Thomas is the queen. His first live broadcast garnered 3.2 million viewers concurrent, surpassing the record of previous Gusttavo Lima e Jorge e Mateus.

With so much success, it seems that Linda is not going to leave it at that. On Monday (the 13th), the singer, is practically an advertisement. In truth, they haven’t said anything, but left it in the air, you can make a new one to live on the 9th of may, which falls on a Saturday.

It is worth noting that the first live of the Assets was on a Wednesday, in the middle of the day of the week. As such, it is expected that the numbers for Saturday are expected to be even higher.

In the comments, your fans are celebrating your “advertisement”.