A room in the mansion, Kylie Jenner has a bunk bed the most comfortable in the world, a bed is a bed!



Under the quarantine, for the sake of the coronavirus, Kylie Jenner decided to show some of his parents ‘ house in California, in the United States, where he lives with his daughter, Stormi, 1-year as a result of its relationship with the american rapper Travis Scott.

In the Stories, from Instagram to star in the reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” filmed the movie in the guest room of the house, which, according to her, it is the greatest of all time, and, in fact, the luxury of the room made for the visitors, was impressed.

The guest room of the mansion, Kylie Jenner

The house is Kylie Jenner, is located in Palm Springs, california, a city in the luxurious of the state of California, where a number of famous ones have their own villas and luxury like a billion dollar the youngest in the world, according to Forbes magazine, that’s where she lives.


As well as a number of other countries, the United States is facing a crisis of the coronavirus, and because of this, we are in a social isolation. In order to pass a little time while in quarantine, Has decided to show it to his followers in the guest room of his parents ‘ house.

In the video, they have recorded the Stories, she said to the room of visits of the best in the house, and no wonder, since the room has three bunk beds, with double beds for couples, very comfortable.

There are six beds in all, and in front of each and every one of the visitors may also enjoy the use of a TV in particular, but from the get go for the channel that’s home to a do you want to watch.

In the image, it is possible to notice that the beds are all very well done, with many pillows and blankets, better than a lot hotel room and so on.

Have you ever imagined a slumber party in this room?!

The mansions luxury of the world famous