Angelina Jolie asks in a video for people to ‘love one another’ during a pandemic coronavirus – Monetary


The american actress Angelina Jolie (Picture: Getty Images)

The american actress Angelina Jolie (Picture: Getty Images)

As long as the world remained isolated from the spread of the coronavirus, Angelina Jolie talked about how important it is to make sure that others are as well. The actress and the 44-year-old spoke to the surgeon-general of California, Dra. Nadine Burke Harris, a video conference for the magazine The team for this week, and learned about the pandemic that ravaged the world.

Order to stay at home, almost all of the towns and cities of the United States, The Harris ‘ said that it was important to respond to these requests, but it will also keep in touch with friends and loved ones. “I don’t think it’s so important for people to listen to this,” said Jolie. “Love one another, to get in touch. It is there, it is to be a support group to keep your eyes open for, whether you are a teacher, or a friend,” he said.

Angelina Jolie and Dra. The

Angelina Jolie and Dra. The “Burke” (Photo: Time Magazine)

“I really, really hope that people will listen to it, and that you pay the most attention to, and that they are not adapted to take a moment and think to yourself,” Well, maybe, but it’s not on my account,” she continued. The actress added that, as the children do not go to school, “the teachers are not able to see the hurt, and the people are not identifying what is already happening in some homes.

The american actress Angelina Jolie (Picture: Getty Images)

The american actress Angelina Jolie (Picture: Getty Images)

The he also asked Jolie what motivates the actress to continue being a witness and not look away,” and also that it is the ‘self-care’. Angelina Jolie said: “there was a time in my life that I have become more aware of what was going on around the world, which has made the actress to “open up”, to “be helpful”. She said that she used to write a lot in a journal, and she was crying all the time, but she met a grandmother, she was crying, and he said, “I don’t need you to cry. I need you to help me with,” what motivated you to want to help.

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