Apple’s release of programs on the Apple TV+ free of charge for a limited time only


‘Little America’, ‘Servant’, ‘For All Humankind’, ‘Dickinson’, ‘Snoopy in Space’, ‘Helpsters’, ‘Ghostwriter’, and ‘The Elephant Queen” will be available from the 11th of April

One of the most important steps to help in the fight to novocoronavrus to maintain social distancing, in order to decrease the chances of transmission of the viruses. To assist with this task, and aAppledecidiu to bring some of the sries of apple+TV, from the 11th of April. The program chosen was the “Little America”, “Sevant”, “For All Humankind”, “Dickinson”, “Snoopy in Space”, “Helpsters”, “Ghostwriter” and “The Elephant King”.

Apple takes the time to give the spotlight to some of the programs are the least watched of his catlogo, while the major programs, such as the Morning Show, its host award-winning, in addition to the dos lanamentos recent ones, are available only to subscribers. But in April, the ms is programmed with a larger number of lanamentos of the room. Only to be expected over a five-novosprogramas, including a minissrie “Defending Jacob”, starring Chris Evans.

Apple TV+ join in with the various outrosservios of streamingque to offer its content free of charge or for extended test during the pandemic in the coronavrus. In order to have access to the content free of charge, it is necessary to log in with the oID Appleem any device compatvel without the need to sign in your own the Apple TV+.

Via: 9to5Mac

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