Bruce Campbell says the role in Doctor Strange 2


After Sam Raimi to confirm your participation in Doctor Stranger-in-The-Style-of-Madnessthe actor Bruce Campbellworked with the director on the franchise The Evil Dead and he had small appearances in the course of the trilogy Spider-Man, “borrowed” a piece of paper into a long one. By the Twitterthe star said that “thethere’s bound to be a character, to challenge the good Doctor– see below:

This is not the first time that Campbell reacts to the hiring of Raimi. In February, when the line-up for the filmmaker, it was a rumor, he stated in an interview that there was “nothing is a stranger” in the view of the director-in-charge of the new Doctor Strange.

Sam Raimi has entered into the discussion in the direction of the Doctor Strange 2 after the director’s first feature film Scott Derrickson he left the direction of the feature in January, due to creative differences. Also, there has been no official announcement from the studio or the director, but the new statement, Raimi seems to be confirmed in the line-up.

The film will be the return of the Benedict Cumberbatch the role of the Sorcerer Supreme Benedict Wongin the paper of Wong. In addition to this, the Scarlet Witch, which he or she lives Elizabeth Olsenwill be present in the long, which will connect with the series Wandavision.

Doctor Strange 2 it will be launched in Brazil, in On October 28, 2021a week before the premiere in theaters in the United States, scheduled for November 5 of this year.