Chris Hemsworth talks about the action scenes, complex to the Rescue


Chris Hemsworth has shared a video on Twitter in which he talks about the action scenes of the The rescuemovie of the Netflix which he did. The promotional material also shows the behind-the-scenes footage.

“By far, the sequence of action is more complicated than that, of which I have already done that part, and then, as if that was not complex enough, the director decided to shoot the film as ‘the one’ – it’s almost 12 minutes long, and it’s just as exhausting to watch as it was to shoot the film. If you hold on, friends!!!”, he says to the actor, the legend.

In the story, the interpretation of I in the USING he lives with a mercenary who is on a mission to rescue the son of a criminal. However, it is the dangerous task of moving so much with the psychological of the child.

The production of the feature is at the discretion of the Joe and Anthony Russodirectors of the The Avengers: Infinite War and The Avengers – Ultimate. The direction of the Sam Hargravefilm director known for his work as the stunt coordinator on projects such as Captain America: Civil War and The atomic.

The rescue gets to the book of Netflix on the 24th of April.

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