Come to find out the secret of the protective clothing and what they have to do with fashion!


The protective clothing, it has long been used, particularly by health care professionals who are on the front lines of the battle to the Covid-19has characteristics of its own – and versatile! Today, I will let you know what is in this stuff that seems to be a the fabric but it’s not and it looks like a the paper but it’s not. Call of Tyvekit is a patent of DuPont, which are often used in fashion for decades!

Yes, as long as the Connection the smaller brands, through creators such as Comme des Garcons and up to the mark Kanye Westthe Yeezy, this material is also used in the us the decor and even the works of art! If I know you better then you? And please, if you sign up for the my Youtube channel and it takes advantage of the quarantine for maratonar! #ficaemcasa

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