Confirmed. Marvel comics will feature characters from the X-Men, Thor 4


With the introduction of the Shark when I Love, and the Thunder it creates is a link between the MCU and the X-Men. With the acquisition of Fox by Disney, is one of the biggest talking points in 2019, but the main headline (at least for the fans of super-heroes was the return of the X-Men and Fantastic four for Marvel comics.

While neither of these two groups has been shown in the MCU yet, Spider-Man: Far away from the House, referred to the Fantastic four, with the location of a building, and Kevin Feige has mentioned in the mutants in a more recent presentation from Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con. The links to the previous, between the MCU and the X-Men franchise, which include the addition of Mercury and the Scarlet Witch, the island of Madripoor supposed to appear in the series, the Hawk and the man of war in Winter, and Thor: The Dark World contains a subtle reference to the Time.

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Now it’s officially delayed until 2022 due to the multi-coronavirus, an image of tidal wave, as it will be Thor’s Love, and the Thunder of the Pm Waititi is going to be one very quickly. In addition to the return of Chris Hemsworth, the fourth in the franchise “Thor” will be the return of Jane Foster, Natalie Portman, taking on the personality of the Mighty Thor, a plot is produced directly on the comic book of the Marvel universe.

The characters, Korg, and Valkyrie are all confirmed, as the Bill Ray Beta and the Guardians of the Galaxy as it might appear. Christian Bale has been hired as a villain, as yet undisclosed, but the Waititi has recently revealed that the Shark Space is also going to come in, and this creates a link between the MCU and the X-Men.

Here Space is an alien race that has appeared for the first time in 1982, the Uncanny X-Men #162. After they introduced themselves occasionally on the side of a squad mutant and Charles Xavier’s in the early 80’s, the Sharks and Space have re-emerged more recently in Thor: God of Thunder, King, Me, and several of the other titles in the Marvel universe.

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Giant alien creatures terribly strong that will float through space, and here Space is well-known as a means of transportation on the Litter, a race that is an enemy of the X-Men, it captures, manages, and improves its creatures for their own evil purposes. While it’s certainly not strange to the most famous son of the Asgard, it’s exciting that in a short of this nature come from the world of the X-Men to come to the MCU.

It remains to be seen if the Sharks in a Space I Love, and the Thunder will be just a curiosity or a part of a tangible story, but the fact that Waititi has revealed her inclusion, even though the marketing is usually top secret in the Marvel comics, he suggests the first option. With that being said, it would be a turning point if the Sharks Space to the MCU to fetch the cat’s Litter with them.

Tell them Space is a clear sign that Marvel is now thinking of other creative ways once you have retrieved the rights to a number of characters, previously held by Fox, and the parallels between the two universes, the once distinct are beginning to converge. Even though the additions may be minor at the time, the references to the X-Men will only increase with time.

Unfortunately, it is very improbable that the Sharks and Space are like the X-Men, will be introduced in the MCU. In their respective worlds, they may be getting a part in the movie, but the creatures are still relatively minor in the canon of the comic book and will not deliver the kind of grand introduction of the breed of mutant that deserves to return to the film industry.

If I Love and Thunder present in the Litter at the side of the Sharks at the Space station, it could be a lot more straight into X-Men as the aliens, are the great enemies of the Marvel comics, and has not been used in any of the films in the X-Men universe.

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