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Danna Paola is quarantine voluntary because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and has become more active in social networks, from where she shares photos and videos of their day-to-day with its thousands of fans.

This time, the famous interpreter of “Hey Paul” and “Sodium” shocked his thousands of followers with a sexy photo where we see her posing in lingerie, in the same style of the famous Kardashian sisters.

“The mirrors they destroy our mind”, was the legend with which he accompanied the snapshot where we see her posing in front of the mirror.

As expected, the photo racked up more than two million “likes” and countless comments, where your fans have not ceased to commend her for her figure.

“Now you are a flower in concrete,” and “You’re perfect”, “Mother of mine, you are perfect, totally out of this world”, “Hey, you’re too cute”, “Perfect”, “Goddess”, “I like you a lot”, are some comments from their fans.

From his confinement, Danna has proven to their fans that they won’t be bored, and you have cooked, played, danced, sung, recorded videos of TikToK. All of the above what is more “bold” that has done is to upload your photograph in lingerie with which has stolen the breath of their fans.


Angie Jibaja and the police report, where is mentioned problem with drugs

Angie Jibaja and the police report, where is mentioned problem with drugs
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