Criticism Before you say good-Bye – Chris-Evans-debut direction in the film’s unheard-of in the movie theaters


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The most well-known for his role in the Captain America in the Marvel movies, the actor has Chris Evans if you dare, for the first time in the direction of a full-length feature film. The result is a romantic drama Before you say good-Byewho arrived in Brazil before passing through the halls of the theater, directly into the channels of the network HBO where we were able to check out the book.

Originally aired in September of 2014, when it was part of the programming for the Toronto film Festival, the film went to the launch of an online and a restricted view (even in the U.S.) by the year 2015.

Interestingly enough, before it falls into the hands of the Evans, Before We Go (the original title of the production was referred to as the ‘1:30 Train’, which makes sense in the story line, and was the director of the Joel Schumacher the star of the Italian Monica Bellucci linked to the project’s development back in 2008. After almost ten years, and Evans debuta in the director’s chair, starring in and producing the film as well, to the side of the film-maker Global climate change. And with the debut of the actor in the role is shown to be efficient.

Evans stars as Nick, a trumpet player, performing in the central station of New York city in order to train for a chance of getting a job: the test of a jazz band who is a big fan. It is in the location that it knows About, and the role of the british Alice Eve, late to catch a train, she drops her cell phone and ended up losing the last time. Nick offers help to a young woman, and the two of you will spend the morning trying to get her out of the city, and back to the house.

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The premise of the Before you say good-Bye “the formula is designed for Richard Linklater in Before the Dawn (1995), where a pair of strangers meet and spend a day (and in this case it is a night) together, to talk, and if you figure it out. The difference is that in the age of the couple, the double, this film is closer to the second meeting of Jesse and Céline, in a continuation of 2004, in which they are older (in their 30’s), and quality. It may not seem like it, but it is this maturity, bitter will help change the climate and dynamics.

Here, each one has its own impact in relation to people’s personal lives, and not much room for a connection, a romantic. She thinks about dropping her husband, because they knew that the captured people is a betrayal of the virtual, through e-mails on the subject. Nick blurted out to the love of his life, having been cast out, the chance that you might not come back. It is located in the city and also for the feast of the wedding of mutual friends, where you’re likely to find your ex companion, and after a number of years.

In addition to the connections of the two main characters, in movies such as ” the school of the BeforeBefore the Dawn (1995), Prior to the setting of the Sun (2004), Before the stroke of Midnight (2013)); and Just Because (2006), for example, is a reflection of their scenes, their locations, and their environments. We feel dizzy by the chemistry of the couples, but it is also the place where you go for a walk, that helps quite a bit with the experiences of the senses. This is the context in which they belong or in which they are embedded. Thus, in the New York Before you say good-Bye comes to life and becomes one of the characters, which is important for the development of the story and the characters.

Evans by means of a little bit of every corner of the city, and we know it while we see the couple trying to retrieve a bag is lost, you add money to a pass-through and the breaking down of the head for arranging the transportation in the Big Apple late in the evening. At the same time, they create a stake in net, however, is much deeper, than just a one-night stay. The film’s first-time hits more than misses, showing you have the sutiliza poetics, the history of life.

Other than that, the actor came to learn the finger positions on an instrument that is touched to give more realism to the scene. In regard to the colleague of the scene, the director said in an interview that the reason for the choice of the Eve it was only because the actress is british, and he thought that his accent would help her in the composition. Oddly enough, Eve he chose to interpret the character with an american accent.

Before you say good-Bye this demonstrates a first feature film is competent behind the camera, a young actor who has quite a baggage of experience that is absorbed in watching the work of great artists with whom he has done. Although I have emphasized how difficult it was to their debut Chris Evans easily it would get in the hall of the actors and directors of Hollywood, if you want to follow this journey with the two.