Dwayne Johnson Confirms That The Delay In The Filming Of The Adam Black


The film Adam Black they will be put off for a month or two, confirms it Dwayne Johnson in your social networks.

A couple of weeks ago Dwayne Johnson he offered that they were supposed to start filming in July, but due to the coronavirus, and he didn’t know for sure, and now with the latest update to the The Rock on Monday, he says that the shooting will be continued with an update on his film, the Netflix, The Red Noticealso referred to.

As long as I am feeling in relation to the Adam Black?” he said to Johnson. “So I’m just shooting in the The Red Notice to Sign me, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, with our writer / director, Rawson Thurber, and we have been shut down due to the coronavirus. Then, at some point, we will fix it“.

Johnson goes on: Adam Blackwe are still planning on shooting most likely at the end of the summer. Most likely, you may be in for August and maybe September as well. So, we’ll see, but I just can’t wait for that. I’ve been training, for months and months and months and months for the Adam Blackso, “ he said. “This is a passion project for me…. It’s a piece of paper that I keep nearby. So, I can’t wait. So, thank you for asking this question“.

Dwayne Johnson, arranged by Adam Black

Rumors suggest that the movie will introduce not just one, but two, versions of the Justice League of america, including the character of the Bird is Black, the Woman-Hawk, the Flash, Green Lantern, Lord, Destiny, Smash-the Atom, and much, much more.

This program from Zachary Levi recently talked about possibly tackling Adam Black Dwayne Johnson in the future.

We might be able to pay for all of these fights, the epic of captain marvel / Adam Black’s comic“ joked Levi.

Adam Black it has a release date on the 22nd of December, 2021.

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