Fans of comic books want to change the end of the heroes from the Avengers and Ultimate


By the end of the Avengers: Ultimate has been shocking and incredibly exciting for fans of the Marvel comics, mainly driven by the outcome of its two main heroes.

The “Iron Man”, when all looked lost once more in the battle against Thanos, he used his gauntlet of infinity, with all the jewels to destroy the villain and his army he has succeeded, but died as a result of the power exercised by the gems on his body to perform the action.

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Already, spider-man has survived the battle, but he decided to go back in time and live a happy life, anonymous in the hand of his beloved Peggy Carter.

But have you ever wondered if it’s the end of the characters that had been, quite literally, reversed? This is what some of the fans of the Marvel comics, pictured on Twitter recently.

One user named Rachel wrote, “The thin Steve Rogers and Tony Stark would have had to be replaced. Steve Rogers was the epitome of the spirit of self-sacrifice, and Tony Stark and he deserved to watch his daughter grow up.”

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Along with the caption, she included two photos: the first is that it is a mount where the Captain appears by clicking with two fingers on the handle, and the second one is a frame from a scene in which Tony appears with his daughter, Morgan.

Either way, both of these heroes have retired to the MCU, after the Avengers: Deadline, but they left their legacy for the future.

It seems that the Spider-Man, Tom Holland, will be the direct successor to the “Iron Man”, as the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, will take up the shield of Captain America.