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James Bond 007

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A lot of people, twisted his nose, when Daniel Craig was picked to be the new James Bond film at the cinema. Little known to the general public, he began his career as 007 is under strong suspicion. After fifteen years of his or her choice, Craig is now one of the favorites of many fans of the series, which, right now, to prepare for saying good-bye for the present the interpreter of the secret agent of britain. As the last of the film; The process is finished, you start the speculation as to who will be the replacement. And you can place your bid on the Bond and the future on online gaming sites such as Spin-Sportsthat will offer a great opportunity for profits for all the fans of the films of the 007.

Bets on the next 007

In the fifth, and final, film with Daniel Craig in the shoes of James Bond that is 007 – No Time to Die. Its launch was scheduled for the month of April, but was postponed to the second half-year as a function of the multi-coronavirus. Craig is going to surpass Pierce Brosnan, the Bond of the 1990’s, who lived about the secret service agent in four films but is still behind that of the two interpreters, the most striking of the series.

Sean Connery, the first one to live in and much-loved 007 on the big screen he starred in six productions, and as Roger Moore’s successor, has been the star of seven movies. The popular choice to replace Moore, Timothy Dalton made two films, and is not geared on the paper. It is well to remember, also, George Lazenby, scaled to one at the end of the decade of 1960 – 007 Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The choice of who will be in the new Bond film has a lot to do with the concept of the character for the next film. In the following, do you know anyone who is being tipped for the role.

Who do you all think?

The name that everyone is talking about at the moment is experiencing a similar situation to that of Daniel Craig prior to being announced as the new 007. James Norton, an unnamed 34-year-old, you do not have a curriculum that is comprehensive, but it is not seen as an actor on the rise, and with a lot of charisma and a profile that fits well in the role. He is the star of the series McMafia and has appeared in films such as Little Women (2019) and – Rush, On the edge of Excitement (2013). If you check your favourites, and has been chosen for the role, Norton gives you a profit of R$ 2,75 to 1 Spin-Sports.

The next candidate on the list has a profile similar to that of Norton, Richard Madden, scottish, 33 years old, lived in Robb, in Game of Thronesin addition to having been part of the movie Rocketman and In 1917both were released in the last year. Quote:$ 5.50-to-1. Who’s next is a name that is well known. Tom Hiddleston, at odds of$ 6.00-to-1, that is, the Course of the films, in the Marvel comics universe, and, at the age of 39, it would be a contract bombshell to follow the career of James Bond on the silver screen.

Who is on the outside?

The second field has several good candidates. Sam Heughan, the scottish 39-year-old is the star of the series Outlander and it is priced in the$ 7.00-to-1 in the Spin-Sports. Perhaps the most established candidate for the role, and Michael Fassbender, the Steve Jobs (2015), Bastardos Inglórios (2009), and the four films in the franchise The X-Men.would pay$ 9.00, the same price, Jack Lowden, out of Dunkirk (in 2017). Lowden is the youngest member of the gang, at the age of 29.

At odds of$ 10.00 for the 1 that you will see the name of choice for a lot of people: the weird and the humorous, Idris Elba, the series Born in and The Wire. He is the oldest of all the names mentioned for the role (47 years old), and it would be the first black actor to interpret it in order to win. Tom Hardy (u.s.$ 11.00-to-1), the But (2018), and The Warrior (2011) and Chris Hemsworth ($12.00), and the “Thor” films for Marvel, it is the other actors are quite well-known on the list.

And what of the zebras?

Those who are looking for a high profit you can invest in the possible choice of something that surprised them all. A good example of this is Kit Harington, o Jon Snow de Game of Thrones. It has a great for attracting R$ 51,00-to-1 in the Spin-Sports. The veteran Ewan McGregor, from the classic Trainspotting (1996), the odds of$ 61.00 off.

Stars Christian Bale and Gerard Butler would have to pay R$ 101.00 to 1, Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell and Will Smith devolveriam the amazing-R$ 201,00. And if Daniel Radcliffe is the biggest underdog of all, the change in the role of Harry Potter, from James Bond? Then, the profit would be spectacular, to R$ 251,00-to-1.

Prices of the main contenders for the role of James Bond.

James Norton (R$ 2,75
Richard Madden – $ 5.50
Tom Hiddleston – $ 6.00
Sam Heughan – $ 7.00
Michael Fassbender – $ 9.00
Jack Lowden – $ 9.00
Idris Elba) – R$ 10,00

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