In animals with the symptoms


Luisa Guimarães

[email protected]

There are very few reports of animals that have had the confirmation of the infection by the Covid-19: a tigress case of the zoo, in the Bronx, New York city, and two dogs, and a cat in Hong Kong. There is also a cat, a belgian who is the suspect, according to the disclosure of the relevant authorities of the country. The numbers are very small, and, according to the note of the World Organization for Animal Health, there is no evidence that they transmit the virus to humans. “For this reason, there is no need to take any action against pet, which can compromise their well-being,” noted the organisation.

“Chinese scientists who have conducted research indicate that, to date, there is not the slightest risk of transmission from pets to humans,” says the note. The recommendation is, at this moment, it is continue to carrying out measures for hygiene, preventive, and don’t worry about the contamination through their livestock. “In this situation, the multi-coronavirus, and in order to limit the risk to the general rules of hygiene must be applied. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water very regularly, and after you touch your pet. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, it is advisable to avoid kissing their pets,” says the association.