James Bond and Batman to come to the movies, on TV this Wednesday


Two of the most recognizable characters in pop culture will be in the telinhas on Wednesday night (the 15th). One of them is James Bond.which comes to the Movies Actionat 17, with the 007 Against Spectre.

In this adventure, and the secret agent the british are faced with secrets from his past that lead him to a criminal organization. The group is led by a villain Blofeld (Christoph Waltz).

Already Man-Bat it will be shown on TV today, this is the one of the Michael Keatonin the movie Batman – The Return Of. The film is part of the program from 19: 45 to the Serves a daily continental breakfast Plus.

In the second film, the hero of the DC with Tim Burton in the direction of bring two classic characters in this universe: o The penguin (Danny DeVitoand the Cat Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Check out the other products that will be featured this Wednesday:

In the Afternoon session, and weddings

The In the Afternoon session the TV Globo today, you will ensure that the laughter of the audience. At 14h56, new Marriage In The Greek Of 2 it will be on the screen.

The following shows one of the new party to the marriage, but it’s much more crazy than the plot of the original. In addition to this, the couple, the protagonist tries to learn how to deal with the child’s stage of growing up.

If you want more laughs you can also check out Mission Is The Godmother Of The Wedding in the Sonyat 21: 55. The plot is loaded with comedy, in a dispute with two female friends of the bride.

The Suspense

The stories of tension and mystery, you will arrive at the telinhas on Wednesday with a Part of the and Operation Red Sparrow. The first film will be shown in the Megapixat 19h15, and the better of the two FXat 19h40.

Part of the it brings Nicolas Cage in the shoes of a teacher who discovers a time capsule, and the content within it, can predict the future catastrophe of humanity.

Already, in the long Jennifer Lawrence it explains the training of Russian agents, which act by means of the art of seduction. In addition to this, the finer points of politics, it also does not stop from happening.


The Telecine Premium will Nightjar on Wednesday, at 19h35. Under the direction of the Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornellesthe plot shows a city in the interior of the north-east who suffers from a stroke. The multiple reflections of the cultural and the social are always present in the story.

The success of the national O Country, O it will also be on the TV, the Canal Brasil this will bring the production to 21: 30. With a lot of humor, the film has as its background the carnival of bahia, within the tenement buildings.

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