Jennifer Aniston gives a 10-thousand-dollars to a nurse infected with the covid-19



After the nurse has said that it is difficult to cook due to the symptoms of the new coronavirus, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimel, decided to provide 10 billion dollars to the health care provider for this is being able to order what you want.

Jennifer Aniston has offered a 10 billion u.s. dollars, a nurse with the american who was infected with the new coronavirus , I’ve been on the front line of the fight against the covid-19. Kimball, Fairbanks, finds himself in isolation, alone and separated from his family.

In the program of Jimmy Kimmel, when the nurse was about to tell you how it was to be in the line of fire, and some of the difficulties that you have experienced while in the isolation, how to cook, She decided to surprise her and get straight through to one video, for you to express your appreciation for their work and for all the health care professionals who are working to help those infected by the new virus. “I just wanted to say God bless you and all that you are doing what you do. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to you for all that you are doing, put your own health at risk. They are out of this world,” he said of the actress ‘ Friends.

On set with Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Aniston has decided to give ten thousand dollars to the spencer w. Kimball (about 9,200 euros) to spend on a service, online grocery delivery, and you can order whatever you want, including meals. Aniston offered to also gift to your colleagues that you are working with the Kimball’s in the hospital, as a way of saying thank you.