Julian Casablancas says new album of The Strokes is not your favorite

Julian Casablancas at the Primavera Sound 2015
A photo of Julian Casablancas, via Shutterstock

After seven years without a disc, of previously unreleased, the The Strokes back in the last 10 days of April In The New Abnormal.

The new album, the successor to the Comedown Machine (2013), shows the group experimenting with different elements to spice up the melting pot of a mix of classic rock with alternative rock, which put the guys on the map in the first place.

And all of that good singer Julian Casablancasbut not as much as the other works of the past. In an interview with the The Los Angeles Times (via RESPONSEit ), the musician has revealed that he considers The New Abnormal just the one in your room, the better the job.

Without a list in a particular order, it’s revealed that Is This It (2001), and Room on Fire (2003), which are at the forefront of the album; the third one’s name was left out by Julian, who asked the interviewer to leave quietly, because it would put an end to her “getting in trouble”.

He also revealed that the band has considered the possibility of the delay of the album due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, the conclusion was that it wouldn’t be worth it to delay the release of even taking into account the impossibility of working in tours and programs in radio/television.

In fact, on the vault, Casablancas proved to be a very quiet place. “In general, I do not love to go out on Friday night, by all means,” said the singer, who also added saying that he is “doing some of the things that you were slow,” and “cooking too”.

You can listen to the new album below.

The new album from the Strokes and the arrival in Brazil

The sixth album in the career of the band, fronted by Julian it was produced by the legendary Rick Rubinknown for the studio, the Shangri-La in Malibu, and it has worked with names such as Slayer, Johnny Cash, Adele, Linkin Park, Kanye West, Metallica and more and more.

It is worth noting that the band should have performed at the festival and Lollapalooza Brazil last weekend, but the event was postponed to December due to the new Coronavirus.

In addition to The Strokes, and the other but Guns N’ Roses and Travis Scott they are the only things confirmed so far for the recall.