Kelvin Harrison, Jr. come in to the squad for the 2nd season of Euphoria


The actor Kelvin Harrison, Jr.of the independent film Luce and The Waveswe will join the cast of the second season of the Euphoriasaid the hadron Collider. At the moment, the CHANNELS, and the representatives of the actor have not confirmed the line-up.

Harrison, Jr. he debuted in cinema in the 12 Years of Slavery. and he has also served on the At the end of the Nightother types of projects. Most recently, he has worked in the The Picture and in the independent The Wolf’s Hour. The actor contracenará with Dakota Johnson in The High Notelong , Universal, anticipated to open this year.

The production of the second season of the HBO series will be tough, with the postponement and rescheduling of many recordings triggered by the multi-Covid-19. Originally Zendayastar of the Euphoriashould write the number in the quarter, while the Tom Holland record Whitebefore the two were to meet in the middle of the year, for the filming of the Spider-Man 3. The changes are recorded and the date of the premiere of the long to represent a time delay to the second year of Euphoria.

In the second year, the Euphoria is expected to be by 2020. The first season of the show is shown on HBO and available on HBO Go.