LEAK – Kanye-West-says she will be voting for the first time. And we’ve already noticed in those who


Kanye West has confirmed in an interview with GQ magazine that he will vote for the first time in the presidential elections in the United States, and, of course, in the Donald Trump. “I will definitely not vote for at this time. And we all know who,” said the rapper.

“I’m not going to admit to you that the people around me, and to all the people who think that my career is going to end up telling me what it is,” he continued, “because, you see: here I am! The [álbum] ‘Jesus is King’ is a number”.

It will be recalled that the music did not vote in the u.s. elections in 2016, but he said that if I had voted, it would have been on the Trump and it is not on the democrats: Hillary Clinton: “I was told that if it was not for the support of my career and ended up. What kind of campaign is this? It’s as if the Obama campaign would be ‘I’m black'”.

“What good is it to be a bit of a celebrity if you don’t, you can have your own point of view? Each one has their own opinion,” said West, who for the past four years and met several times with a Trump, and he was wearing a baseball cap in red to tell you to TAKE Make America Great Again”), the image of the brand for the campaign with Trump at the end of 2016.