Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles share ideas for a film, a solo of “the Hulk”


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Upcoming Deadline he showed the ultimate fate of some of the founding members of the superequipe, how to Captain America (Chris Evans), The man in the Iron (Robert Downey Jr.and The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). But the heroes who created the team, although there is a whose target is completely unclear: is the Why (Mark Ruffalo’s Hairstyles).

While I (Chris Hemsworthsoon you’ll be starring in her third movie, dr. Bruce Banner, it’s kind of played out for a corner, and no one knows where he is going to stop it in the future. But the artist-hero has their own ideas for the character.

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In an interview with And, Mark Ruffalo’s Hairstyles he revealed that there are plans for the future of the giant emerald:

“There is an idea that I think would be very interesting. We’ve never really followed him in his life, and he’s always kinda left out. It is like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Avengers. It would be interesting to fill in all the gaps about what has happened to it in between all those movies.”

This idea has been applied to the The Black Widowwhose film, if you will, between The Civil War and The Infinite War, by exploring the history of the character that the fans have never been able to get to know the timeline of the original. Do you guys think that the Hulk deserves a treatment like that? Leave your comments!:)

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