Marvel Studios has already hired an actor, you will be presented with the Kang in the MCU


The The GWW it states that the Marvel Studios you have hired the voice actor, you will be presented with the Depending on the variation in the USINGand that the agreement had been entered into prior to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

It seems that the star is having a meeting with the Kevin Feige and your team through a video call while in quarantine to discuss how his participation in the USING in the course of the year. It is rumored that the villain will be present in the Whilecomes in 2021.

Kang the Conqueror it’s a possible a descendant of the Nathaniel Richardsthe father of the Reed Richardsit can also be seen as one of the counterparties for the future of the leader of the The Fantastic Fouralthough there is speculation that, in fact, it is a close relative of the Doctor Doomas suggested in one of his early stories. An enemy of the The avengers and To The Fantastic Four. He is also a mighty time. His version, a young man became a Man in the Ironof the The Young Avengers.

Kang the Conqueror will not be able to be used more and more in the universe ...

In the universe of film from Marvel comics this started in 2008 through the movie The man in the Iron produced by Robert Downey Jr.. under the direction of the Jon Favreau. Currently, the USING it is made up of 23 films, 6 short films and 11 serials.

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