Mc, She reveals her Brother is the favorite, and it divides fans on the social networks


On Tuesday (may 14), the funkeira Mc, Rebecca, known to the public by the charisma, and the songs are full of character. It showed a side of her that few of them knew each other, connected mostly by the entertainment staff and the fans in the reality tv of the WEEK.

During this time of imprisonment that the country is undergoing a lot of artists has been holding on to and making it a Reality in a real game of football with the right crowd, and the suffering. So we have to MC, Rebecca it was no different, and some of the fans were surprised by the statement from the club’s fans.

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With the right fan for the MC, Rebecca, a Participant in the BBB, it increases the fan club

By her Story on instagram Mc, She has stated that she is totally in the time of the Babu. And he asked that his fans vote for him to be on that wallby releasing the links, and if in declaring it against the competitor in him, Giselly.

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Some of the fans were happy, and enjoyed the view, the singer is supporting them to the same participant, that is, they like it, while others attacked him and made offensive comments. But she did not respond to the moment, no comments and yet cheers for Babu Santana in the elimination of the third.

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