Of at the awkward talks: internet users and reveal the stories of how they met, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, and the other famous ones; check it out!


Come face to face with his idol or a famous celebrity might be a dream come true for a lot of people, but, believe me, there are people who have lived the moments in the least embarrassing. On Twitter, many users started to split up, as they knew some of the personalities, and each one is better than the other one!

It all began with the publication, by the author of the “Star Wars” by Chuck Wendig: “How was your meeting with the celebrity stranger than you’ve ever had?”. The tweet received numerous responses from anonymous, about their experiences of the encounter with the famous, world-renowned, such as Keanu Reeves, Martin Scorsese, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, George R. R. Martin. Check out some of the best stories:

“I was caught in the act of Martin Scorsese’s why I don’t pick up the poop from my dog”

“I first met George RR Martin at SDCC, and he asked me how long it took me to write this book. I was 6 years old, he took her on his knee, laughed out loud and said, ‘You’re as slow as I do’”.

“Keanu Reeves and I, we sat across from each other at a train station, empty, for about an hour before our train finally arrived. We didn’t say anything the whole time. When the two of us got on the train, he said: “it Was good to talk to you”.

“My girlfriend and I went out to a fancy restaurant in Baltimore, and we saw John Waters at a table having dinner with a mysterious, charming and with a very long shiny hair. When they got up to leave, we saw that it was a ” Johnny Depp”.

“Shirley maclaine’s hairstyles came up to me at the coffee shop in the morning one time and asked me if my hair was a wig. I said no, that it was real, it was just my hair. She asked me if she could touch it. I said, ” er, of course’. She has pulled out. So, she agreed that it was true, and asked me what hair product I used to do it”.

“I was a bartender in New York city, when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went for dinner. It rightfully dragged it up to the hostess (it was taking too long). They sat down and ate it. She drank some wine and he beer without the alcohol. The account was less than$ 300, and he gave a tip of$ 400. He expressed appreciation to the entire team when they came out”.

“We had the door to our office opened and someone was making noise in the hallway. I was very pleased to have to shut your mouth and close the door. It Was Tracy Morgan. He came in and started telling us jokes. I have worked in a start-up’s technology in a random that had nothing at all to do with it.”

“Kim Kardashian had sat briefly next to me at a dinner of the Association of Correspondents of the White House, may 2011. I had no idea who she was.”

“At the beginning of the year 2000, I saw it @realDonaldTrump coming out of a box [no estádio] Wrigley Field-just as someone hit a home run. He looked out, he smiled and began to nod, until you realize that the people who were throwing the game, and it is not for you.”

“I gave you a dollar to a beggar while he was waiting in line at the Popeye’s Chicken, and the guy in front of me, Busta Rhymes, and then gave me a lecture on why to prevent that, the man learned that he needed to do to get a job and work hard to earn their own money.”

“Courtney Love had lived in the neighbourhood of my father’s, and she broke into his house once while he was on vacation, and she called him on the phone, completely drunk, saying, ‘I Love what you’ve done in the kitchen, and he said, ‘get out of my house, and Love’”.

“I-I’ve been waiting for Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart at once, and he was coughing, and she whispered to him, wondering if he should take out the inhaler from the car. He kept waving it out of anger, just the way you are imagining it right now.”