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When it comes to a remake, of something that we love, and the two legs are in the back. But, it’s going to work, isn’t it? Well, the previously announced the story the Hellraiser: to be Reborn in Hell (1987) – a classic which critics are you can check it out here – now it looks like it is finally going to move forward, of course, after that, the number of measures for the restriction of the social on the account of a pandemic of a new coronavirus, are, at the very least, relaxed. David Bruckner, which is responsible for the The Night House (Year 2020), the horror which he gave the talk at the last Sundance film Festival, going to be the one responsible for bringing back Pinhead and the other cenobites to the big screen. The production will be for the account of the Spyglass Media. In fact, a good part of the team The Night House if you will gather around the new Hellraisersince Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, will be in charge of the script is still being written.

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In accordance with the The Hollywood Reporterthe producer said that the re-creation will be faithful to the original, but there are some developments (in fear). It is worth noting that, in the Spyglass Media this is the company that you are working on the reboot of the saga Panic attacks in the movie theaters. Brave or soft? At least, this is a crowd that is not afraid to mess around in the vespeiros. Hellraiser: to be Reborn in Hell due to the book The Hellbound Heartwritten by Clive Barker. The author himself wrote the screenplay adaptation, and directed. The success of this horror styled upon the production of some of the footage, the most recent being one of them Hellraiser: Judgment (2018), which was not well-received.

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