Right: Check out Chris Hemsworth in the trailer for the explosive


Chris Hemsworth and interprets a mercenary soldier in the new film’s action-packed of the Series.

The Netflix released this week, the trailer for his new movie titled The rescue. Directed by Chris Hemsworththe movie surely promises a lot of suspense and action, and to take your breath away.

The film has the producer of the The Brothers Russo (The Avengers: Infinite War)has the direction of the Sam Hargrave and the script Joe’s Books. The funny thing is that as soon as the Brothers Russo, Sam has also worked on a number of films in the franchise The avengers.

Sam Hargrave for those who don’t know, he works as a stunt coordinator, and participated in a number of films in the Marvel comics universe. According to the IMDB, The rescue this is his first film as a director, because until then he had only directed a few short films.

In fact, the cast of characters, in addition to the Chris Hemsworthwe also have the voice actor David Harbourbest known for his role in the series Stranger Things also, in the Netflix.

Check out the synopsis, official

“The fearless mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) doesn’t have anything to lose, is hired to rescue the son of the boss of the international crime. The boy had been kidnapped. The father is in jail. The first claim of the drug traffickers, weapons and drugs, in the end, it makes the mission nearly impossible. In conclusion, one thing is for sure: after this, a Rake and a little boy will never be the same again.”

“I’m just so happy to be able to share the trailer for the Rescue of all of you!!! These past few months have been very difficult for all of us, and we hope that this film will provide a bit of entertainment, all while you remain at home.” Chris Hemsworth

As shown by the film The rescue his debut on the day On April 24, in the Series.

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